Ongoing wind power projects

Read more about our ongoing wind power projects here.


At Blåbergsliden in Västerbotten, environmental permits were obtained in 2016 and the production potential is currently estimated at 500-600 GWh / year. The judgment was appealed but won legal force in May 2018.

Investment decisions to build 26 wind turbines have been made. Construction start for roads, foundations and transformer station are planned for 2020 and the wind turbines will be installed during summer and autumn 2021.

When the wind farm is fully operational by the end of 2021, it could provide around 100,000 homes with renewable energy each year.


In 2015, an application was submitted to the authorities for 33 wind turbines at Blisterliden in Västerbotten. Decisions on environmental permits are expected in 2019.

Blisterliden consultation material (in Swedish)

Samrådsunderlag Blisterliden

Bilaga 1

Bilaga 2






Planscher samråd (download zip)

Further development

As a major landowner, Holmen is well placed to develop wind farms on its own land in areas with good wind conditions. More effective wind turbines and low operating costs are driving the expansion of wind power in Sweden. In 2018, Holmen conducted a survey and wind analysis of the Group's land holdings to identify favorable areas for future wind power installations.

Holmen already has permits for about 900 GWh of wind power in Västerbotten and Västernorrland. An application for a permit to build an additional 300 GWh in Västerbotten is under review.