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Umeå is a beautiful city that is constantly growing. Here is room to find your own place, because each district has its own character.

Umeå - The city of birches is a city to grow in

In Umeå you will find both beautiful old buildings and modern neighborhoods. The city has an expanded business community, where close cooperation between the municipality, business and the university lays a good foundation for continued strong development. The large availability of well-educated labor and research resources attracts engineering companies that have made environmental investments in Umeå in recent years.

The city is known for its creative climate, which creates the rich cultural life that exists here - with many committed associations. The many bikes are a sign that it is close to most things, even to other people. Maybe that's why both crime and ill health are at a low level.

The rest of the world is never far away either: Umeå Airport, the Botniabanan, the new ring road and an expanded port make Umeå a northern logistics center.

Holmen in Umeå

The growing forest is the basis of our business. We are part of the ecocycle from seedling to plank, where the raw material is refined into everything from wood for climate-smart buildings to renewable packaging, magazines and books. We also produce our own renewable energy from hydro and wind power. With a clear focus on sustainability in all aspects, Holmen contributes to a brighter future.

Meet some of our employees in the north of Sweden


Linda Permit Manager

Linda Olofsson work as a Permit Manager at Holmen Energy.

10 February, 2020

"No two days are alike"

Edvin Thurfjell works as Product Manager for two of Iggesund Paperboard's product segments. Learn more about his role.

13 December, 2018


Erika, Buyer Holmen Forest

Erika Thunell is working as a Lumber Buyer at Holmen Forest. Learn more about her role.

6 April, 2020



Anders, Business Developer Forestry planning

Anders Magnusson tells us about his role as Forestry Business Developer.

13 January, 2020

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No matter what role we have within Holmen, we all work with renewable raw material and energy sources as a starting point. There is a great, strong and genuine commitment to our work. Because we believe in what we do.

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Here we have gathered the most common reasons why we, who work here, have chosen Holmen as an employer. It may match what you are looking for in your next employer.

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