Amsterdam is one of the smaller, but at the same time one of the liveliest and coolest European capitals.


Amsterdam is famous for its openness and diversity. With its world famous canals, bridges, picturesque houses and parks, Amsterdam is also one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Here you will find historical sites, cafes, restaurants, museums and residents who know how to enjoy life. The climate is relaxed and pleasant and is shaped by the combination of the historic 17th century atmosphere with the mentality of a modern metropolis. Today, the city is growing on all sides, and “everyone” wants to move here. New restaurants, shops and startups are established on a continuous basis.

Holmen in Amsterdam

The growing forest is the basis of our business. We are part of the ecocycle from seedling to plank, where the raw material is refined into everything from wood for climate-smart buildings to renewable packaging, magazines and books. We also produce our own renewable energy from hydro and wind power. With a clear focus on sustainability in all aspects, Holmen contributes to a brighter future.

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No matter what role we have within Holmen, we all work with renewable raw material and energy sources as a starting point. There is a great, strong and genuine commitment to our work. Because we believe in what we do.

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Here we have gathered the most common reasons why we, who work here, have chosen Holmen as an employer. It may match what you are looking for in your next employer.

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