Kristian Hast and Lasse Halonen, Shift Electricians at Hallsta Paper Mill

Kristian Hast and Lasse Halonen are working as a Shift Electrician at Hallsta Paper Mill. A varied job with great demands on experience, knowledge and own initiative. It is clear that the guys enjoy their roles and working as colleagues. "The shift is spot on" says Lasse.

"The best thing about our job is that it is so varied"

There is no ordinary working day for Kristian Hast and Lasse Halonen. One work day may start with an emergency call from the production department with a problem that requires troubleshooting to locate the problem which in turn can lead to resetting the switchgear, replacing a fuse or an engine. If the production runs smoothly, a working day can instead consist of assignments and improvement actions from the work order stock. "That's the best thing about our job. No two days are alike, "says Kristian." You never know who is calling or where you are going to end up in the day," Lasse agrees.

" As a Shift Electrician you need to be a jack-of-all-trades"

"You can´t become a shift Electrician overnight, it requires both knowledge and experience," says Lasse.

"As a Shift Electrician you need to be a jack-of-all-trades," Kristian continues. "You can´t just be an expert of one area, not cave on one thing, but you need to know a little about a lot of things."

"The only specialty we have, it's high voltage," notes Lasse.

"Holmen is constantly evolving"

"The best thing about working at Holmen is that Holmen is constantly evolving," explains Lasse. Kristian is quick to add "and we are a part of that journey."