Daniel Stridsman, District Manager at Holmen Forest

”A small big company”

"The best thing about Holmen as an employer is that the Group is big enough to offer development opportunities. I have had six different positions during my time at Holmen, from Nordsjö in the north to Vimmerby in the south. At the same time, the Group is small enough to feel familiar and to be able to recognize and get to know many people, even between the different Business Units, "says Daniel.

"Few companies work with a 100-year perspective"

Long-term perspective and sustainability are important questions for Daniel. "There are few businesses that work with a hundred-year perspective as we do in our forestry," he states. "It makes me proud. I think we are making a contribution for the future. The climate issue are extremely important now and it will not be less important in the future. "

"You can make just about everything with wood"

"Holmen's products are products of the future. The raw material we deliver to the industry is renewable and produced with an incredible long-term perspective. There will be an ever greater demand for our products in the future. Irrespective of what the industry wants to produce, you can make just about everything with wood," Daniel laughs and concludes." I think the future is ours. "