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Wood products

At Holmen, we supply wood products to the joinery and construction industries and to builders’ merchants. Wood is highly versatile and the only construction material that is fully renewable.

To Wood products

Wood products store carbon dioxide for a long time, making wooden buildings significantly more climate-smart than those built using fossil-based materials and processes. The manufacture of steel and concrete generates considerable emissions of carbon dioxide that impact on the climate. Replacing these materials with renewable structural components in wood reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, while the planting of new trees for wood raw material captures carbon dioxide. In addition, the whole chain from manufacture to transport is much more energy-efficient and cost-effective for wood products than for other construction materials.

Our sawmills – Braviken Sawmill, Iggesund Sawmill and Linghem Sawmill – hold chain-of-custody certification, which means that all the wood can be traced back to sustainably managed forests. Iggesund Sawmill and Braviken Sawmill form bio co-locations with their neighbouring paperboard and paper mills. This means that every aspect of the tree is put to use in a cycle in which chips from the sawmills become raw material in pulp production and the residual products are used as biofuel to produce energy and district heating. In return, the steam from the paperboard and paper mills is used in the drying processes at the sawmills.


All three modern sawmills have high technical standards, with a steady increase in finishing options underpinning continuous product development and a strong product range. As a result of the new wood treatment plant and distribution warehouse at Braviken Sawmill, we are able to offer a broader and more attractive range for the construction industry and for builders’ merchants.


Iggesund Sawmill

Iggesund Sawmill is an innovative and efficient sawmill. The sawmill manufactures pine joinery timber used for interiors such as furniture, windows, doors, staircases and flooring. A horizontal saw enables us to saw pith-free products with fewer cracks and deformations, which also brings major drying benefits.

Braviken Sawmill

Located just outside Norrköping, Braviken Sawmill is the largest and most modern sawmill in Scandinavia. The sawmill manufactures construction and joinery timber in spruce and pine. A wood treatment plant and distribution warehouse see us offer a broad and attractive range directly to builders’ merchants and the construction industry.


Linghem Sawmill

Linghem Sawmill is a niche small log sawmill with an integrated planing mill. Here we produce sawn and planed wood products for joinery and construction purposes in 3-metre lengths. Production at Linghem also complements the products at Braviken Sawmill, helping to strengthen our market position particularly in Sweden and the UK.

Holmen Timber

Wood products for the joinery and construction industries. The annual production at three sawmills, whose by-products are used in the Group’s paperboard and paper mills, amounts to almost one million cubic metres.

4 % of the Group’s capital is employed in the Wood Products business area. 

Key figures

SEKm 2019 2018 2017
Net sales: 1 695 1 747 1 562
Operating profit/loss: 62 246 80
Investments: 162 76 100
Capital employed: 1000 927 862
Average number of employees: 266 261 251
Deliveries 1000 m3: 879 828 852