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Renewable energy

Holmen's energy production is dominated by renewable hydro power. Together with wind power and the renewable electrical energy that is produced at the Group’s mills, this equates to almost 50 per cent of Holmen’s overall energy consumption.

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The fact that we own, manage and develop our own energy assets is a key component for a more sustainable Holmen, as well as providing a stable revenue stream over time. The base of our energy production is hydro power from 21 hydro power stations that we own wholly or in part. In addition to a marginal environmental impact and minimal emissions, hydro power has a unique advantage over other renewable energy sources. Electricity cannot be stored to any great extent, but the water that is used to generate electricity can be stored in reservoirs, lakes and rivers.


The result is controllable energy production that is tailored to the prevailing conditions. More energy is produced when demand is high, while unnecessary surplus production is reduced. The hydro power is supplemented by wind power from four jointly owned wind farms. Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the EU, and our large land holdings offer the potential to establish wind farms in locations with good wind conditions.

Holmen Energi

In a normal year, the renewable energy production from hydro and wind power amounts to over 1 TWh.

12 % av of the Group’s capital is employed in the Renewable Energy business area

Key figures

SEKm 2019 2018 2017
External net sales: 378 319 315
Operating profit/loss: 336 181 135
Investments: 203 22 26
Capital employed: 3 058 3 052 3 115
Average number of employees: 13 12 11
Own production of hydro and wind power, GWh 1 109 1 145 1 169

Hydro power

Holmen wholly or partly owns 21 hydro power stations located on the Umeälven, Faxälven, Gideälven, Iggesundsån, Ljusnan and Motala Ström rivers. Normal annual production amounts to about 1100 GWh.

Wind power

Holmen is a major land owner and has the potential to develop its land holdings by establishing wind farms on its own land with good wind conditions.


Along with the Eurofideme 2 investment fund, Holmen has built the Varsvik wind farm a few kilometres from its paper mill in Hallstavik.