High quality fresh fiber based paper

Holmen develops and sells high-quality paper based on fresh fibre, using renewable raw materials from sustainably managed Swedish forests.

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Holmen Paper

Holmen Paper produces paper for magazines, books and direct mail. The business area has two paper mills in Sweden that produce a combined total of 1.1 million tonnes per year.

9 % of the Group’s capital is employed in the Paper business area. 

Key figures

SEKm 2018 2017
Net sales: 5 571 5 408
Operating profit/loss: 329 288
Investments: 173 141
Capital employed: 2 072 2 193
Average number of employees: 860 866
Deliveries '000 tonnes: 1 036 1 117

The fresh fibre enhances the product in many ways, including giving the paper naturally higher brightness that improves the impact of text and images compared with paper based on recovered fibre. In addition it produces paper grades with high bulk, making the paper thick but light. This means that the customer gets more paper with the same feel as traditional paper grades, but without the higher costs. A lighter paper also leads to lower distribution costs.

We are an industry leader in developing new products based on fresh fibre. Working closely with the customer, the result is innovative products that, compared with traditional paper choices, offer clear cost benefits.

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For more information about our paper products and Holmen Paper, please visit the business area website.

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