Holmen is one of the largest forest owners in Sweden. We are also among the country’s biggest wood buyers. Every year, we buy in a little over 11 million cubic metres of wood.

To Holmen Skog

Holmen Skog

Active and sustainable forestry is conducted on over a million hectares of productive forest land owned by Holmen. The annual harvest amounts to 3 million cubic metres.

54 % of the Group’s capital is employed in the Forest business area. 



Key figures

SEKm 2019 2018
External net sales: 2 913 2 633 2 571
Operating profit/loss incl. change in value of forests: 1 172 1 185 1 069
Investments: 77 357 49
Capital employed: 32 718 14 830 13 824
Average number of employees: 376 365 363
Harvesting in own forests, 1000 m3 sub: 2 714 2 831 2 904

We grow a sustainable future

With a history dating back 400 years and a forest production cycle of almost 100 years, taking a long-term approach is more than an empty buzzword to us. It’s a perspective that runs through every aspect of our business.

We carry out active and sustainable forest management that keeps economic, social and environmental interests in balance. With an eye on the future we want to continue to develop, contributing towards a better climate, towards Sweden’s economy and to thriving forests and rural communities.

Would you like to know more about Holmen Skog?

For more information about Holmen Skog and our forestry, please visit the business area website.

To Holmen Skog