Whistleblower function

Holmen’s whistleblower function provides a dedicated reporting channel which enables Holmen’s employees and other stakeholders to notify Holmen of serious improprieties in the Group.

Providing information is voluntary and the whistleblower function serves as an alternative to other reporting methods. Whistleblowers are encouraged to notify Holmen by other means in the first instance, such as by contacting their manager (if the whistleblower is an employee), the HR department or another responsible person within the Group.

The whistleblower function’s limitations

Submitted information may include processing data regarding a person having committed a crime. Therefore, specific legal requirements and authority regulations must be complied with. Foremost, the whistleblower function may only handle information regarding serious improprieties committed by persons who have a key position

  • Serious improprieties mean serious misconduct concerning accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, bribery, serious environmental crimes, major deficiencies in workplace health and safety, serious forms of discrimination and harassment or other serious improprieties concerning the vital interests of the company or the Group or the life or health of individual persons. 
  • Persons who have a key position refers to people in key positions or leading posts within the Group, i.e. people who can affect the business’ risk and security situation through their role and their authorisation. Examples include people who have HR responsibilities or who are authorised to handle large amounts of money on behalf of the company. It can also concern people responsible for purchasing, sales, investments, accounting, payments, permits, IT systems, health and safety and the environment. 

Information judged to fall outside the areas described above will not be processed within this whistleblower function.  

When submitting information

Discrimination or reprisals against a person who in good faith informs the company of illegal or unethical behavior will not be tolerated. 

Data regarding the person submitting information will be treated in confidence. Exceptions may be made if this is necessary for the issue to be investigated thoroughly and fairly. Processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with applicable legal requirements, for further information, see Holmen's processing of personal data.

Information can be provided anonymously but prevents feedback on how the issue is being handled and could complicate a continuing investigation where it is necessary to get additional information.

It is of the utmost importance that information is submitted in good faith and that it is correct to the best of the whistleblower’s knowledge. 

A report should contain as many facts as possible to facilitate investigation of the issue. A report which cannot be investigated or corroborated will not lead to further examination.  

Do you wish to inform the company of serious improprieties?

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