Henrik Sjölund

Henrik Sjölund 
President and CEO.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 1993.
Henrik Sjölund has no significant shareholdings and no ownership in companies with whom the Group has important business relations.
Shareholding: 4 917 shares.*
For further information about the CEO, see Corporate Governance/Board of directors.  

Anders Jernhall
Anders Jernhall
Executive Vice President. CFO.
Born in 1970.  Joined Holmen in 1997.
Shareholding: 4 900 shares.* 

Daniel Peltonen
Daniel Peltonen
Head of Paperboard business area.
Born in 1971. Joined Holmen in 1997.
Shareholding: 538 shares.*

Nils Ringborg

Nils Ringborg
Head of Paper business area.
Born in 1958. Joined Holmen in 1988.
Shareholding: 2 514 shares.*  

Johan Padel

Johan Padel
Head of Wood products business area.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2014.
Shareholding: 830 shares.*


Sören Petersson

Sören Petersson 
Head of Forest business area.
Born in 1969. Joined Holmen 1994. 
Shareholding: 4 400 shares.* 

Ola Schultz-Eklund

Ola Schultz-Eklund
Director of Technology.
Born in 1961. Joined Holmen in 1994.
Shareholding: 800 shares.*  


Lars Ericson

Lars Ericson 
Director of Legal Affairs.
Company secretary.
Born in 1959. Joined Holmen in 1988. 
Shareholding: 650 shares.*

Stina SandellStina Sandell
Director of Sustainability and Communications.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2017.
Shareholding: 0 shares.*

Gunilla Rolander

Gunilla Rolander
HR Director.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen 2013.
Shareholding: 362 shares.* 



* The shareholding refers to 31 December 2017. Not adjusted for share split 2018.


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