Holmen’s whistleblower function provides a dedicated reporting channel which enables Holmen’s employees and other stakeholders to notify Holmen of serious improprieties in the Group. Providing information is voluntary and the whistleblower function serves as an alternative to other reporting methods. Whistleblowers are encouraged to notify Holmen by other means in the first instance, such as by contacting their manager (if the whistleblower is an employee), the HR department or another responsible person within the Group.

As the information submitted may involve being notified that a person has, or may have, committed a crime, the provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA) and particular regulations issued by the Swedish Data Protection Authority must be complied with. Under these provisions, the whistleblower function may only handle information regarding serious improprieties committed by persons who have a key position. Whether the information submitted complies with these conditions is judged by specially appointed people who receive the report and carry out an initial examination. Information that does not meet the requirements is deregistered. 

The whistleblower will receive feedback on how the issue is being handled (provided that they have submitted their contact details). If the information cannot be handled within the whistleblower function, the whistleblower can then submit the information through other channels.

Do you wish to inform the company of serious improprieties?

Enter the information in the field below and click send to submit this information. You can also use the following e-mail address: fairness@holmen.com

Your details will remain confidential. Exceptions may be made if this is necessary for the issue to be investigated thoroughly and fairly. 

Before using this whistleblower function, please read "Rules for Holmen's whistleblower function". The rules contain important information, including what is meant by the wording "serious improprieties committed by persons who have a key position" and how Holmen handles the information submitted.


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