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Iggesund Region


Every year, we procure some 4 million cubic metres of pulpwood and saw timber.

We supply wood to the pulp industry and sawmills in lower Norrland and Uppland. Our largest customers are Holmen Group´s production facilities at Iggesunds Bruk, Iggesunds Såg (sawmill) and Hallsta Pappersbruk (paper mill).

We manage some 275,000 hectares of Holmen´s productive forest land.


Region Iggesund

Box 15

825 21 Iggesund

Tel +46 650 280 00

Increased forest growth in 40 years

More wood replacing products
with adverse climate impact

Holmen AB, P.O. Box 5407, SE-114 84 Stockholm, Sweden. Visiting address: Strandvägen 1, Stockholm.
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